Our company was founded in 2016 and from the very begining it is focused on new technologies

We are production and service company. We have our factory located in Warsaw Poland.

Our goal is to offer European quality products for price competitive to eastern manufacturers. 

Enginners are our main strength. We have R&D department located in Warsaw and our staff have strong feeling of European market needs.

Dominik Dakowicz

We want to set direction for green energy market

Our deep knowledge of energy industry branch guided us to green energy. It will be long term evolution which we are part of.

We are focused now on energy storage solutions for individual and industry customers. We believe increase of auto-consumption is future of PV and wind energy.

Heckman products are best in class, we implement newest technologies and constantly develop. Our LiFePO4 batteries are the most safe solution on the ESS market.

Radosław Figarski
Board Member – Strategy

Modern Technology Firm, offer wide portfolio of energy storage and hybrid PV inverter solutions

Welcome to Heckman

ESS - Energy Storage

Our energy storage products uses LFP or LiFePO4 cells. We believe safety and durability is crucial for ESS systems.

Deye hybrid inverters

Deye hybrid inverters are best in class. Variety of features and configuration possibilities make them easy to implement for majority of use cases. 

Reaching The Stars For Our Clients

You are looking for high-end solutions for Energy Storage Systems with multiple usecase scenarios. Call us. Our technicians will help you to configure product for yout demands.