ESS - Energy Storage Systems


Rack-mounted Energy Storage

Cost effective and easy scalable solution for home and bussines usage. Easy integration with standard  19″ Rack cabinets. 

Wall-mounted Energy Storage

Modern design and easy to install make it perfect solution for home usage. Build-in LCD display for quick access to all battery parameters.

LFP / LiFePO4 Technology

  • LFP battery use lithium iron phosphate as catode and graphitic carbon as anode material. Because it low toxicity, long cycle life and high safety it is perfect solution for backup power solutions. 
  • Energy density of LiFePO4 cells is 100-125Wh/kg and is lower than NMC or NCA, but higher than lead-acid cells. 
  • One of the most important advantage over lithium-ion cell is chemical stability, which improves battery fire safety. 
  • LiFePO4 batteries life time is estimated for 6000 which is 3-4 times more than NCA. 
  • LFP cell are most common technology for home and industrial ESS

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